Reflecting on “Apprenticeship Patterns” – The Deep End

Overall, I consider myself a person who tends to enjoy my comfort zone. I appreciate settling into a routine, whether this routine appears in my part-time job or is reflected in my academic projects. But is remaining stagnant the best decision for me, going forward into my career? Probably not, considering that I want to grow in knowledge as I gain more experience in the field. This week’s apprenticeship pattern, called “The Deep End,” provides more insight about how I can nip stagnancy in the bud, so that I can break away from a more comfortable routine and challenge myself further, becoming more confident in myself and my skills at the same time.

The problem that The Deep End aims to solve is one that I’ve started to already describe. As I spend more time in my career, I may become concerned that establishing a more mundane routine (like sticking to familiar projects which keep me in my comfort zone of work) is not the ideal choice if I want to continue to improve my skills.

In order to fix this issue, I need to jump into the deep end. To do this, I should seek out projects or other opportunities that are challenging enough that they are straying away from my comfort zone. I need to also understand that this sudden change to more difficult work can come with risks, including the possibility of failure. This balance of striving to test myself with different, tough tasks, while keeping an eye on my progress so that I am not in over my head, must always be maintained. If the likelihood of “drowning” continues to increase, it is also essential that I have the capability of reeling myself back in and find help if needed.

I completely agree with everything this pattern encompasses. Even though it would be nice for me to remain comfortable with the work I am doing, I know that it is imperative for me to continue tackling difficult problems and projects so that I can remain at the top of my game and keep my skills fresh.

Thanks for reading!

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