Software Development Capstone – Sprint 3 Retrospective

As I mentioned in my Sprint 2 Retrospective, this sprint was going to be significantly more exciting than the last sprint. This absolutely proved to be correct, because our team now has a project and a component of the project to work on! This is a very exciting development, because now we can finally start coding! We have been in touch with a representative from the AMPATH team, who has been giving us further information and wireframes/designs. Our final project will eventually start to reproduce these designs, and the remaining sprints will document the progress on that code.

But before that, we have been receiving lots of information about the type of work that we will be doing for the rest of the semester. Our project is the completion of a mobile app that simplifies the AMPATH point-of-care system, which is currently only present in a desktop interface. This app ideally will contain various components, which include: a search bar to find patients with an accompanying results page, a form that would appear when retrieving specific patient information, multiple lists of patients which can be toggled with a side navigation bar, a selection of different form types when choosing a patient to learn more about, a form with multiple tabs that contain different but related information, and a bottom navigation bar for further options. All of these parts of the mobile app were designed by the AMPATH team, and we were able to observe the wireframes of each component on Zeplin, a website which joins the roles of designers and developers. We are also not going to be provided a server, so we also have a team composed of members from different groups starting to work on mocking a back-end server (releasing pre-defined data rather than live data) so that the app can mimic retrieval of real-time information. In order to do this, the team is determining which of the front-end components will require some sort of back-end communication, so that the server can be mocked properly and fully.

Over the course of this sprint, we have mainly been setting up our coding environment with the new knowledge of what our project is going to be, as well as the part of the project that each team will be working on. Every team from Worcester State who is working on the AMPATH project has been connecting to a GitHub repository which only has a blank Angular project and a README/License. From this point, progress on each component of the app will be part of a separate branch in the GitHub project. We have been deciding how to go about diverging so that each part of the work is separate from every other component. Some ideas included individual or team forking, as well as team branches. However, due to possible changes in teams, as well as members of different teams working together, the decision is to work on component or feature branches.

I am very excited to see what kind of development process we will make over the course of the next sprint! Thanks for reading!

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