Reflecting on “Apprenticeship Patterns” – Expand Your Bandwidth

I have some very exciting news to share: I have recently accepted a software engineer position to start after graduation! I can’t wait to get started with this company, and I’m counting down the days until my first day there! My final interview involved talking with different members of the engineering team, and there was time allotted throughout the discussions for me to ask my own questions. There was one question that I asked everyone: “What is some advice that you would give a new graduate from a computer science program who is just getting started in the field?” There was one answer that came up the most, which was to not stop being eager to learn new things. This brings me to the apprenticeship pattern for this week, “Expand Your Bandwidth.”

This pattern exactly reflects the advice that I was given during my interview. Expand Your Bandwidth provides context with a possible problem of software developers’ knowledge potentially being focused to the type of work that they take part in on a daily basis. The solution is to simply begin absorbing more new knowledge at a faster, deeper rate. While the developer may find this process to be overwhelming, it is crucial that they can improve their ability to increase the level of learning new concepts and applying them to their own work. This process of expanding bandwidth includes actively seeking out knowledge, possibly through blogs, podcasts, courses, and contact with others who are as passionate about the topic as the apprentice is.

I couldn’t agree more with the suggestions and solutions that this pattern provides. I already have a list of several projects and practice exercises that I hope to complete throughout my career. I am so fortunate that the company that I will be working for seems to be ever-changing with the type of engineering work that is being done. I am confident that I will not run into the problem of work becoming stale or too routine. Nonetheless, I will be sure to continue to keep on taking in new information and building my field knowledge.

Thanks for reading!

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