Reflecting on “Apprenticeship Patterns” – Unleash Your Enthusiasm

As I’ve been progressing throughout my computer science education, I’ve realized that I’m pretty psyched about coding and computing in general. Just thinking about how much that can be done with computer science is enough to get me excited about the kind of work I’m doing. I’m sure that at some point in my career, it may become harder to maintain this excitement for what I’m doing. Even though it’s incredibly cool, it’ll inevitably be my daily routine. This week’s pattern has to do with the continued passion and excitement that I should maintain about computing, even if others around me might not reflect it as much.

Unleash Your Enthusiasm presents the hypothetical situation where an apprentice, with a lack of experience in the field, brings enthusiasm for the subject as part of their skillset to a team. However, the team may be more established and therefore could be less outward about their enthusiasm towards their work. They may be focused more on completing their projects without taking the time to be excited about it. As a result, the apprentice may feel more obligated to keep their enthusiasm more inward and conform to what they think is the norm for the rest of the team. It is imperative that the apprentice keeps this level of excitement and isn’t afraid to let it out, even if others don’t necessarily share it or express it.

I honestly feel very fortunate to have surrounded myself with people who not only support my passion for computing, but also take part in that same enthusiasm. However, I completely agree that even if I were to end up in a situation where I may feel more pressured to subdue this flame of excitement for computer science, I should still not let this affect how much I love what I do. I’ve worked in some teams in my classes where my groupmates were determined to get work done, but they weren’t really excited about it. This has, at times, negatively influenced me so that I spent more time keeping my head down and refraining from showing how I really felt about our progress. But, as I finish up my undergraduate classwork and start my professional career, I am confident that I will have that supportive environment to fully express my passion for computing.

Thanks for reading!

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